Where to sell militaria in Europe?

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Hi guys,I'm about to sell my entire WW2 militaria collection. Among other things I have some fine paratrooper stuff.
There are almost no US collectors in Denmark. Have you got any ideas on how and where to sell it the best way? Any recommendable collectors or dealers in Europe?
Thanx in advance!
To give you an idea about what I have, the airborne items are:
Paratrooper M-42 Jump Uniform
551st PIB. Named and in excellent condition
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... 551st-pib/
EXTRAS: With paratrooper scarf, paratrooper suspenders, belt and ammo pouch
(not named)
Paratrooper Corcoran Jump Boots
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... ump-boots/

Paratrooper Gun HolsterNo pictures yetParatrooper Grouping
327th Glider Infantry Regiment (PH+SS+BS)
Named and richly documented.
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2012 ... ple-heart/

Paratrooper Silk Escape Map
incl. pouch with original contents
Excellent condition
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2012 ... map-pouch/

Paratrooper Flag Armband
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... g-armband/

Paratrooper M-1943 Dust Goggles
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... t-goggles/

Paratrooper Wrist Compass
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... t-compass/

Paratrooper Shortened M-1910 Shovel with Cover
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... 10-shovel/

Paratrooper M-36 Musette Bag
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... sette-bag/

Paratrooper shoulder pads
https://ww2militaria.wordpress.com/2011 ... lder-pads/