Looking for information about 1st Lt James H. Moore 506 PIR

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Hi to you all,

At many rosters of Easy Company (506PIR) I see the name of 1st Lt James H. Moore mentioned. I found out that he died at 18 September 1944 during operation
Market Garden and he is buried in the Netherlands at Margraten war cemetry.

I have the following questions about this lieutenant:

- Was he indeed a member of Easy Company during Market Garden?

- If so, what was his duty? Was he assistant PLT leader?

- How and where did he died at 18th Sepember (Probably at Eindhoven)?

- When did he born.

The reasons of my questions are that I am making a booklet for me and my mom (65 years old) with a walking trail of the first 4 days of Easy Cie at Market
Garden. At the end of the booklet I want to honor those who are died from Easy Cie during Market Garden.

Hope anyone can give an answer to me.

Best regards,


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I beleive that James H Moore was a 1st Lt. and was part of Easy Company during Operation Market Garden. He was killed on 18 September 1944. He enlisted in

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Your man was NOT part of E/506th during the Holland Campaign.

Hope this helps.
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Hello, just some quick infos, hoping it might help you out... 1st Lt James Harrison MOORE was part of HQ Company, 2nd Bn. He was born on 24 Oct 1917 in Fulton
Co. in Georgia. I don't know what was his exact duty in 2nd Battalion, but I would guess he wasn't a staff officer and was rather a member of the
Headquarter Company (maybe he was the Company commanding officer? I suppose someone here has some details about his duties... )

Hope it is helping...

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Thank you for all the information you gave to me. Sadly I still haven't got all the information I need.

But atleast I know his birthdate and know that he wasn't part of Easy Cie during Market Garden.

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Hallo from the UK
Like you I am try to find out more information about my Birth Father Lt James H Moore, I have only in the last month found out that he was my birth father, through my Adoption records.
I do have some information about him< but I saw you have a photo of him, would it be possible to send over the photo for my keep as i  am doing a family history, i have only just found my birth mother' records as well.
Hope you and our mother completed the walks that you set out to do.
Kind regards
Peter Maidman ( Adopted)