Info on Kenneth S Taylor Dec 19, 1944 Purple Heart award; from TT Convention #10

Jim Bigley
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31 Oct 2016, 16:33 #1

Stephanie J Hill-Rickert (and interested others), I checked GO 35, dated 6 April 1945. Kenneth S Taylor listed as awarded PH for "wounds, 19 December 1944, in Belgium." I think this opens an additional line of questions. Others can chime in on this.

I would think for KS Taylor to be listed in 101st Div GO's on 6 Apr 45, the Div would have known where he "was" as of 6 Apr 45. And that location would not necessarily be still with the Div. For example, KST could be in a hospital or ....? Also, some of the other men you mentioned in listed for PH for 19 Dec 1944 actions: Lucien Tetrault, Ottis Tippit are two names I recognized. I am posting this in the TT forum also. If you send me those other names I will check for them.

Jim B.