326th AEB D-day unit attachment request

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The inquiry below arrived via email, off forum, from Bill Weidner, a
former helicopter pilot.  Maybe somebody can provide the answer?:
I'm trying to determine which regiment of the 101st Airborne Division,
(501st, 502nd, or 506th PIR?), that PFC Gordon Van Horn, Co. C,
326th Airborne Engineer Battalion, was assigned to for D-Day operations.

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I know I'm answering super late, but for the purpose of history’s sake I will anyways. Van Horn's stick of 15 paratroopers was attached to the 501st. Their C-47 42-101019 was shot down near Carentan, south of the Douve. Pilot was Cpt. John B. McCue (100th Sq, 441th TCG). Crew of four died in crash. Of the 15 paratroopers only two died because of the crash, Julius A. Holin and Joseph W. Lediger; the rest was captured upon landing of a couple of days after. Jump master was Sgt. Michael J. Rutkoski, officer on board was Lt. Howard Huggett.

Bill Weidner, while editing Mr. Van Horn's war diary, confused two plane crashes. He mentioned that the 15 paratrooper were riding in Lt. Alton R. Keller's C-47 (95th Sq, 440th TCG), when they were in the already mentioned Cpt. McCue's plane. Keller actually dropped paratroopers of HQ Co 3/506th.

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