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GOALS & PURPOSE of the Forum are multiple. In order of approximate priority, they are : 1) To help disseminate information on the history and personnel of the 101st Airborne Division in WW2. Special empahasis will be put on helping researchers with historical questions and relatives or friends of 101st veterans seeking information or contacts. Private questions can be emailed directly to the webmaster. 2) Discussion place for Airborne history buffs, who can give opinions or raise questions, which may be answered publicly for the benefit of all visitors to this site. My friend, Donald R. Burgett, who survived Normandy, Holland, Bastogne, and Germany as a combat paratrooper in A/506th, will periodically monitor the forum. He might be kind enough to post some answers to any questions about actual combat. Don is also a famous and prolific author, see the Books section for info on his books about the 101st in WW2. in WW2. 3) Information center for re enactors and collectors of WW2 Airborne militaria, covering questions on uniforms, weapons, accoutrements, insignia, etc. Some of my friends who monitor this Forum are authorities on weapons, gear, uniforms and insignia. Hopefully they will assist in answering questions which stump the webmaster.

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